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Prof Timothy Leighton: Conquering the Scientific "Valley of Death"

University of Southampton 

Scientific research is hard. In the “Valley of Death” where research ideas from the brightest scientists are made or broken, we must persevere and push our research to reality.


Professor Leighton talks about his lifelong journey from an orchestra player to a pioneering scientist of acoustic physics. He touches upon the necessity of a multidisciplinary and multi-talented approach to solving problems. It’s an interesting conversation for anyone who wants to learn more about the entrepreneurial aspect of science.

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I have a question. I wonder whether it’s possible to come up with an Integrated Global Model - a model that combines economics, chemistry, physics, engineering, computer science and everything to help us solve problems, and it should draw upon the knowledge and expertise of millions around the globe.


Prof Leighton's work showcases the power of creativity in science. We must find our own connections like how he found a connection between bubble vibration and cleaning technologies.