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Prof Jon Gluyas: The Most Accessible But Least Competitive Energy Source  

Durham University 

An interview with Professor Jon Gluyas about his current research on geothermal energy, the imminent helium crisis and scientific inspiration.

From now on, I will deliberately arrange for accidents in all walks of life to happen so I can engineer my own scientific innovation. An interesting listen for anyone who stares at the ground and wonders about what happens deep below.

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Every single day, we use so many different appliances, water heating, electrical heating and so on. While it’s worth taking a step back, tracing them back to how they have been developed and asking ourselves whether every resource has been used to its entirety, we must do this in moderation, because each time we take a resource out of the Earth, we are going one step down the universal thermodynamic arrow, and who knows whether using too many resources will cause the next extinction of the dinosaur age.