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Professor Omolulu Akin-Ojo: A Journey from Theoretical Physics to Humanitarian Crisis

East African Institute for Fundamental Research

An interview with Professor Akin-Ojo about his current research on how he applies theoretical physics of quantum dot solar cells and superconductivity to help solve the energy crisis in Africa.

He narrates a beautiful journey from exploring the fundamental laws of the universe as a child to preparing Africa’s next generation to continue solving their humanitarian problems.


An interesting listen for anyone who wishes to know more about sustainable energy to solve power outages.



For many people, a major reason to study theoretical physics is to answer our childlike curiosity of why do things happen the way they do in the universe. However, like Professor Akin-Ojo who learnt computer code by writing them out with pen and paper, many people find theoretical physics as a way to make a difference in their lives with only pen and paper, without needing to rely on advanced and costly technology.


This is my time to start making a difference with pen and paper. All we need is perseverance.