Science is the economic engine, and I want to celebrate the blood, sweat and tears of scientists who dedicate their lives to helping humanity.

Physics Empowering People

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Prof Jon Gluyas

Durham University

The Least Accessible and the Most Competitive Energy Source (Link)
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Prof Tim Palmer

Oxford University

Climate Change, Inexact Computing and Inequality (Link)
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Prof Akin-Ojo


A Journey From Theoretical Physics

to Humanitarian Crises (Link)


Prof Cather Simpson

University of Auckland

The A+ Team and B- Idea (Link)

Prof David Marshall

Oxford University 

The Holy Grail of Oceanography (Link)
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Prof Dave Reay

University of Edinburgh

Climate-Smart Food & Where to Start (Link

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Prof Timothy Leighton

University of Southampton

Conquering the Scientific "Valley of Death" (Link)

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Prof M. Oppenheimer

Princeton University

Coming  soon


Dr John Martirez

University of California, LA

Coming soon

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