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Mathematics and Beyond

To understand physics, the fundamental laws that dictate the universe, I must learn to talk in the language of the universe itself - mathematics.

I love mathematics. I get excited when I can apply mathematics to other disciplines and solve an issue that I can see.


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Before, my interest was captivated by the beautiful structures that arose in mathematics. Now, I have found my joy in understanding the complex relationship between mathematics, science, and human life because understanding how science makes the laughter and tears of someone's day is so much more real and present.
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Links of Science

Scientific literacy has become increasingly important for us to take autonomy over our own lives. We need to rely on science to make important choices. I want to show how we can use basic scientific concepts and combine them to do really complicated things.

What better way than by tapping into everyone's prior knowledge and using our familiar context of daily life to inspire people and change their atitudes towards science. The video series and my podcast are the results of this attempt.

In my podcast, I interview scientists about how the most cutting-edge physics can be applied in our daily life. I want to learn the ins and outs of what goes on behind the veil of research. Hopefully anyone who aspires to work in academia and science will enjoy this. 

The Frazzled Edge of Physics

Through applying mathematics to physics, I want to understand the way that the world works. To me, understanding how the world works include understanding all its components: "biology", "chemistry", "geography", "economics" and all the other "disciplines".
Physics is my pathway into this exploration, and I want to uncover the frazzled edges of physics and how it links with everything else.

The Equilibrium

By coming to equilibrium with that knowledge, I can contribute to tackling the global problem of inequality and provide an opportunity for everyone to come to equilibrium with their lives by gaining the necessary scientific knowledge to be part of the equation.

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