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Welcome to Links of Science. I'm Alex. 

This website explores the interconnectedness of different disciplines and how science is relevant to us. Through applying mathematics to physics, I want to understand the way that the world works. This includes understanding all its components: "biology", "chemistry", "geography" and all the other "disciplines". 

Physics is my pathway into this exploration. By uncovering the frazzled edges of physics, let's find out how it links with everything. 

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Scientists in different corners of the world work towards the same goal - combining cutting-edge research to improve the human condition in an increasingly challenging environment.
In my podcast, I have learned how scientists apply their fields in tackling power outage in Africa to improving climate resilience.
The pain, blood and sweat of scientists are often overshadowed by the end-product. When we use those end-products, we stop asking about the "how" and "why". This is my attempt to celebrate the efforts of scientists.
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As a high school student, I hope to learn more about the ups-and-downs in the career of a researcher. I hope to help shed light for anyone who aspires to become a scientist. 
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Links of Science

Why do ozone holes never form above mountains? How do companies know where to drill the earth for natural gas?  How can lasers be used to help animal fertility?

"Invisible Links of Science" is a Youtube series for high school students or anyone who are interested in learning how they can apply abstract concepts we learn at high schools to the real world. 

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I currently work on using statistical methods in long-term seasonal forecast of extreme rainfall events in Rwanda. I look to expand this to other countries as well for better decision-making.
Thesis: Using the SARIMAX model to understand the effect of teleconnection of climate indices on seasonal rainfall in Rwanda and provide long-term forecast of extreme rainfall events.


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